Everyone Loves A Liner

Adding a liner to the envelope of your wedding invitation suite can add not only a pop of unexpected color or design, but also a touch of sentiment. It’s a great place to add subtle meaning, by including imagery of your mother’s favorite flower, or maybe a topographical map of where you and your fiancé’ met. You could even photocopy handwritten love letters from your grandparents and use them as the liner. So many options to add just another personalized element to your big day!


Another reason that I love liners is that they are easy to create, especially if you choose square flap envelopes (also called Announcement Envelopes, or A-Style.) All you need is:

  • A lightweight paper you love. You can print a design you like, or photocopy meaningful handwritten letters, or use beautiful gift wrap, which tends to be a nice light weight.
  • Your envelopes
  • Double sided tape/adhesive. I use a commercial grade adhesive from 3M and a corresponding tape gun for easy application, but it isn’t necessary. Small handheld tape guns from Target work just fine.
  • A guillotine cutter to easily cut the liners.


Simply use the guillotine cutter to cut your liner material down to 6.5” by 6.5” square (if you are using an A7 envelopes, the envelope usually used for 5×7” invitations.)

Turn the liner over to the backside and run a piece of double sided adhesive along the top of the liner.

Tuck the bottom of the liner, front side facing up, into the envelope and carefully center the top of the liner along the bottom of the glue strip (the portion of the envelope you lick to seal.) Press down to adhere the liner.

Lastly, fold the flap of the envelope closed to create a crease in the liner. And you are finished!

It’s a simple process, but it can become tedious when you have 250 or so to do. A great tip is to get your bridal party involved. A monotonous task can quickly become a lot of fun when done with friends! Good luck and feel free to share your finished products. We’d love to see how they turned out!