Ivory Isle Brides: Elise

Elise and Jeremy met at high school through mutual friends. They hung out, but never dated. They attended the same university too, and again, saw each other socially, but never romantically. When they later bumped into one another at church, back home in Chaska, Minnesota, the penny finally dropped that the Universe had plans for them. Finally more than just friends, three years on from their first official date, they decided to tie the knot.

“Jeremy bought us tickets to Paris,” remembers Elise. They went in April 2015. “Big romantic gestures are more my style than his, so I honestly had no idea he was going to propose. But he did, on the Love Lock Bridge, and it was perfect!”

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Elise had always imagined getting married in May. “When it’s warm outside, flowers are blooming and everything’s green. But once my sister suggested New Year’s Eve, the idea stuck. Everyone would have something fun to do on December 31, we’d start 2016 as a married couple, and also I figured Jeremy would never forget our anniversary!

“Though the party part of our wedding could feel like a New Year’s Eve celebration, with all the glitz and glam you’d expect from a night like that, I wanted our day as a whole to feel classic, elegant and romantic.”

Deciding to get married at the Westwood Community Church in Excelsior, Minnesota, Elise and Jeremy booked the Hazeltine National Golf Club for their reception. “They’re just five minutes apart,” says Elise. “It was ideal. An easy decision.”

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Though they’d imagined otherwise, choosing their invitations and other wedding printables proved equally straightforward. “I found a link to Ivory Isle Designs through a wedding website. It came very highly recommended.

“Josie was amazing. So easy to work with. Initially my plan was to speak to a few different designers, but after I met her, I decided to call it quits. I didn’t want to speak to anyone else. She seemed so together, so organized, and her work is beautiful. Everything came together so perfectly. It meant a lot to me.

“The colors of our wedding were blush pink and white ivory, which I thought would bring out the romantic feeling. Adding glitter tied it to New Year’s Eve. I wanted everything from Josie’s designs to the flowers, décor, my dress and the cake to be fluid and cohesive, and it was. It turned out very well.”

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The day itself couldn’t have been more perfect, says Elise, and the party in the evening was unforgettable. “We had uplighting in the room which looked amazing. Our head table was elevated with a golden, glittery tablecloth. We had a large table of New Year’s Eve props like glasses, hats and blowers that everyone really enjoyed.

“We tried to be unique in our entertainment and got a lot of compliments about it! Instead of a band, we had a VJ, and a giant screen in the background playing music videos. A video of Jeremy and I dancing, doing the countdown, played on the big screen just before midnight. We had a champagne toast and finally cannons showered the room with confetti. It was one of my favorite parts of the day!

“I loved planning the wedding,” concludes Elise. “Everything went so well. Now that it’s over I kind of miss it and wish we could do it again. If it was free this time, I would!”

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