Meet Kacey!

We’re thrilled to welcome Kacey Medenwaldt to Ivory Isle, a gifted artist and stationery designer hailing from Monticello, Minnesota.

“I was just a shy little kid,” remembers Kacey, now 22 and the creator of some of Ivory Isle’s boldest and most beautiful new designs.

“I trained at the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul,” says Kacey, who completed her education at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

“It was there that I discovered how much I enjoy print design,” she continues. “Art was always my favorite subject at school, a chance to exercise my imagination and paint beautiful things. Though I still do fine art on the side, graphic design is equally creative and allows me to make a living. I love it.”

Graduating earlier this year, Kacey set out to find the perfect job. “I came across a job ad posted by Josie. I applied because Ivory Isle seemed like a perfect fit. Josie let me do some freelance designs for her. It was a great opportunity and she really liked my work. I’ve been working here full time since mid-July and I’m really enjoying it. I have a lot of ideas and designing wedding stationery allows me to work them out. It’s very satisfying.

“Every time I’ve created a different stationery set there’s been a moment where I figured out something creative and interesting. I always get kind of giddy when that happens!”

Pressed to choose her favorite design so far, Kacey recalls her first piece for Ivory Isle, “a hand-lettered typography called Our Ever After. It’s a fairytale set ideal for storybook weddings.”

Invite Mock Up

A recent favorite of Josie’s is Kacey’s black-and-white design below. “It perfectly mixes modern style with traditional floral elements that are commonly associated with weddings,” says Josie. “It wonderfully walks the line between bold and classic.

“Finding the right person to join Ivory Isle wasn’t easy,” says Josie. “I met many skilled designers and choosing between them was a real challenge. Kacey’s talent for hand typography and her modern spins on traditional design really made her stand out from the crowd though. I’m thrilled to have her as part of our team.”

Drop Josie a line at and Kacey’s next stationery set could be for you!

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