Don’t Dream It – Theme It!

So you’ve decided to get married. Decisions don’t come any bigger that that. Congratulations! The time has now come to make a thousand smaller decisions that will shape one of the most important days of your life.

Rather than make every wedding day decision in a vacuum, from the venue and the menu to the color scheme and the band, settling on a theme will help tie everything together and give the planning process some much needed direction.

A thoughtfully chosen theme will create a cohesive mood for the day that captures the bride and groom’s essence as a couple. It’s a declaration of who you are together, and what you’re all about, and once chosen, it will inform and ease you through every subsequent decision.

To help you settle on a theme, we suggest the five following steps.

  • Decide Who You Are

Sit down with your significant other and write down the key words and elements that define you as a couple. Are you traditional or unconventional? Sensible or silly? Do you like to travel? Are you gamers or movie buffs? Are you into fine dining or more casual snacking? Whatever the results, you can refer to them throughout the planning process, adding touches to your day that will reflect your personality.

  • Imagine Your Future Selves

You’ve drunk a few glasses of wine, you really enjoyed Rogue One, and the idea of a Star Wars wedding is gaining some traction. But much as you’d be amused today with a Princess Leia wedding gown, alien groomsmen and a cantina-themed reception, will you feel the same in your golden years? Of course, there’s no one stopping you from throwing a funny, kitschy wedding, or following hot 2016 trends, but timeless may well be the way to go. Classic is often best.

  • Settle on a Location

Without overthinking it, it’s entirely likely that the venues you gravitate towards will already reflect who you are. From chic historical houses and cool urban lofts to banquet halls, beaches and gardens, ask yourself what space speaks to you the loudest, then listen.

  • When in Doubt, PIN!

You’re familiar with the Internet. You’re on it right now! Don’t be alarmed, but countless couples got married before you, and many of them shared every wedding day idea they had, and every picture they took, online. From décor and desert bars to music playlists and bold bridesmaid fashions, every possible idea has already been tried and exhaustingly well documented. So surf! Head to Pinterest – The World’s Largest Catalogue of Ideas – and search for something. Anything! A wealth of inspiration awaits.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Though the pressure to settle on a theme may weigh on you more heavily than a backpack full of brochures, don’t despair. We’re betting you have friends and family with an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. What looks good. What colors match. What people should wear. What they like to eat. So lean on then. That’s what they’re there for, and we bet they’d be thrilled to help you settle on a theme, and see it through to reality.