The Photoshop Is Strong With These Fun Couples!

When the Lowders returned from their honeymoon, having forsaken both cell phones and the internet for a couple of blissful weeks back in 2013, the Louisiana newlyweds discovered that a photoshopped image from their special day had been widely dubbed “The Best Wedding Photo Ever” by the countless millions who’d seen and shared the picture online. They’d gone viral, and didn’t even know it!

The bride and groom didn’t take much convincing to pose for the shot, remembers photographer Quinn Miller, who released it to the world on Facebook, commenting “Things got real crazy at the Lowder wedding.”

“They are such a fun couple and a fun wedding party that all I had to do is tell them to run away from an invisible dinosaur. And they did. We did it in one take.”

Before the famous shot, Lowder told the bridal party, “Run right at the camera, away from the T-Rex, as passionately as you can. I need to see fear and actual running, not lame faces and power walking.”

Job done! Craze created. Wild, geeky photoshopped wedding pictures are now, very much, a thing.

Obviously Star Wars factors heavily in many of the most elaborate portraits. Take the Michigan wedding of John and Mindy Doychich, seen above preparing for battle with the mighty Empire in a shot captured and edited by photographer Steven Kowalski.

“They mentioned wanting to do something different,” said Kowalski. “I had the idea for them to be looking up at an epic battle.”

Likewise, Toronto photographers Danielle and Tony Lombardo wanted to “kick it up a notch and do something cool” with the shot below of Leslie and Paul’s Toronto nuptials.

“It’s funny how something that you have literally five minutes to shoot can turn out so awesome when the bridal party commits to the challenge,” reflects Tony. “You really only get one take when asking women in heels to run for their lives!”

From Jurassic Park and the Death Star to the Zombie-themed shenanigans below, we’re amused and impressed with the bridal parties and photographers willing to invest the time to create a fun and memorable moment.

If you’ve done something similar we’d love to share your picture, and your story! Just drop us a line at, and may the Force be with you all!