Ivory Isle Printing Types: Stylish Options To Make Your Printables Pop!

To compliment our wide range of card stocks, we offer a variety of high quality, eye-catching printing options.

Digital (above)

Advances in printing technology have significantly reduced the differences in quality between offset and digital printing. Since plates are not required, bold and modern digital printing offers the fastest and most inexpensive option for those seeking vibrant colors and sharp designs.

Spot Gloss (above)

Eye-catching, texture-varying trimmings that really bring a card to life, Spot Gloss involves applying layers of color and glossy varnish over particular areas of a design.


Letterpress (above)

A delicate, elegant choice that adds a touch of old world charm, Letterpress prints are produced using custom-made plates with your lettering and design. A separate plate is produced for every ink color used. This style of printing works particularly well with unusually textured paper.

Metallic Foiling (above)

A grand and gorgeous option that sees the design and text of your card being etched into a copper plate, after which gold or silver foil is heated and pressed on to the indented paper.

Embossed (above) and Debossed (below)

Embossing and debossing are techniques used to imprint either impressed or depressed images onto card. Embossing is a raised design – a logo or image — pressed into card stock from underneath. Debossing is the opposite, leaving a depressed imprint of a logo or image in the card stock.