Ivory Isle Brides: Brooke

Brooke’s an event planner from Maryland. Her husband Jon is a finance manager from Virginia. They’ve been married for about a month now and couldn’t be happier.

“Back when Jon was the branch manager of my local bank, I first met him when I went there to discuss my account,” remembers Brooke. “We hit it off straight away! The following week, I was back at the bank for a meeting with their financial advisor. I made sure I stuck around after the meeting to chat with Jon a bit more. Later that day, I sent him an e-mail, asking him out! That was the summer of 2013.

“Jon proposed in December, 2015. It was a complete surprise! Instead of spending money on gifts, what we do for the holidays every year is take that money and put it towards a night away. A different city every year. In 2015, we picked Annapolis, Maryland. He proposed to me on the steps of the Maryland State House. His sister and brother-in-law were there too, out of sight but taking pictures of the proposal!”

After a few, peaceful months of engaged bliss, planning for the wedding began in earnest. “I’m an event planner so I did the majority of the planning,” explains Brooke, “but Jon was certainly involved with selecting all the vendors. I’d do the initial research and then we’d sit together to discuss the options. We made all the big decisions together.

“We didn’t want the wedding themed. We just wanted things to be elegant and romantic. Our colors were purple, gold, black and white. Jon’s a big golfer so we decided to get married at a golf club. We liked what it had to offer and how pretty the setting was.

“Music was one of our top priorities. Jon was set on a live band, as opposed to a DJ. What we wanted most of all was to have a fun dance party. Instead of spending money on a video, we invested more in the photography, which was also very important to us. Our package included an engagement session and physical albums, as I didn’t just want digital pictures of our wedding.

“For our first printed item, we wanted to do a fun, golf-themed Save the Date. We found our way to Ivory Isle Designs via Pinterest. Working with Josie was wonderful. She was so easy to communicate with, and full of great suggestions. She created exactly what we wanted. As it turned out so perfectly, we continued working with Josie on all of our print materials: thank you cards, wedding invitations, place cards and menu cards.

“The day itself was wonderful! I was too excited to sleep and woke long before we had to start getting ready. We had a large bridal suite at a hotel close to the venue. All of my friends and bridesmaids arrived early in the morning. We had two make up artists and two ladies doing hair. I’d decorated the room with my Maid of Honor and we had soft music playing in the background. We had breakfast delivered for everybody, then lunch delivered for everybody, then drinks served to everybody. All the girls had robes with their names on them as part of their bridesmaid gifts. We were all just hanging out, having fun and getting ready for the day.

“Once everyone arrived at the venue, Jon and I had our First Look. After that we drove around the golf course with the photographer, then we took family and bridal party photos.

“Though the golf club is right next to an airport, for twenty minutes before the ceremony, no planes took off. It was nice and quiet. But as soon as the ceremony began at 5.30pm, one plane after another took off, all the way through. It was frustrating, but funny, and we made the best of it, pausing when we had to, so everyone could hear what was being said. In the end though, it was lovely.

“Afterwards, at the Cocktail Hour, we did the best we could to talk to as many people as possible, because when the party started, everyone just focused on having a fun, wonderful time. The evening was filled with great food, great drinks, and great music. We danced the night away.

“It was very magical. Everybody we loved most in the world was there, in the same room, just for us. Everything I’d planned came together beautifully.”

Vendor List:

Photographer: photographybymarirosa.com/

Band: www.entertainmentexchange.com/bands/keynote/

Venue: www.1757golfclub.com/