Ivory Isle Weddings: Ramy and Eric

The CEO and Creative Director of Ivory Isle Designs, Josie Helmstetter discusses the creation of Ramy and Eric’s unique wedding printables.

How did Ramy first connect with Ivory Isle Designs?

“Ramy came to us through Lisa Gillund of Johnny and Dottie. We’ve partnered on numerous weddings over the last eight years.

“Lisa brought the project to us while it was still at the concept stage. She described colors, the feel of the event and she shared a picture of the chosen bridesmaid dresses, which featured a gorgeous watercolor floral pattern. We then worked to create a soft floral design, derived directly from the inspiration of the unique bridesmaids dresses. We sent the stationery concepts to Lisa, who shared them with Ramy and Ramy was on board to begin!”

How clear of an idea did Ramy have of what she wanted?

“Ramy didn’t have an exact design in mind for her stationery but she did have a clear idea of what she wanted her day to feel like. Taking into account her colors, florals, venue and choice of bridesmaid dresses, we were able to take her vision and put it to paper.”

Which design suite did Ramy settle on and why?

Ramy didn’t have to settle for any of our pre-designed suites. We created something custom for her and were able to do so without any additional design fees – something that we are proud to be able to do for most of our clients!”

Did Ramy have any unusual or surprising requests while collaborating with you on her printables?

“She did! She had the great idea of taking three of the vintage flower images from her design suite and using them as icons on her place cards, denoting the three different entrée choices that guests had. Usually, we use imagery of a cow or chicken on the place cards to do that, but using three flowers from her invitation helped to carry her design even further throughout her event.”

How happy was Ramy with the finished products?

“Happy enough to come back and purchase place cards and menus!”

Did Ramy get back to you about the big day itself?

“Ramy kindly had her photographer send amazing photos of the day! Everyone had a wonderful time and I’m happy to have played a part in that.”

Vendor names and contact details:

Photography: Emily Steffen

Floral and Design: Johnny and Dottie

Venue: Marshall Golf Club

Makeup: Makeup by Leah

Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo

Cake: Taylor’d Cakes

Stationery: Ivory Isle Designs